About us

MULTIFORM is a business in activity since 1965, born as producer of frames for living room seatings.

Towards the end of the ‘70s, Multiform began molding flexible polyurethane, producing upholstered seatings and furniture.

We are particularly specialized in:

  • Automotive : we produce upholstery for vans, trucks, and cars with moldings of our property. We propose a wide range of models for available for the spare parts market. We also produce upholstery for campers, buses, boats and other means of transport. Our polyurethane products for automotive are approved and in accordance to law regulations.
  • Contract: we produce chairs, sofas, beds and other upholstered furniture. Our products are made with iron or wooden frames and cold-foamed flexible polyurethane moldings.

We also manufacture moldings for the production of our upholstery as well as for custom-made requirements.

Our offer has numerous advantages:

  • one exclusive referral, preventing any inconveniences with other parties
  • reduced costs for price increases and transportations
  • optimization of the production line and reduction of timings
  • production flexibility to fully satisfy all requirements
  • qualified technical advice in all production phases
  • simple access to the production process for the client